Monday, 22 October 2018

LV Agenda PM with BIGGER rings!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little Agenda that was purchased for my birthday in February 2016 and I am STILL using it daily but...I really hated the tiny rings and it was starting to put a real dampener on using the Agenda.  

I bought an A6 Mulberry and although I have set it up, I cannot really bring myself to put away the LV to use it so it just sits on my desk.

Then, a week or so ago I was watching this video from The Planner Spot where she explains about changing up the rings for some 16mm ones from Gillio.  It seemed so easy and without any damage to the LV so I immediately went to Gillio's website and ordered some.

They arrived within a few days and it took me less than 5 minutes to swap them out and I am now once again smitten with my LV.

I am so happy :)

Look at those rings!!

I am still using the inserts that I modified from the ones downloaded from  I saved the source file and word file and made my edits - changing the month and year to red, adding the lines and changing the font.  I seem to go back to this style every single year so that's what I'm sticking to again for 2019.  My inserts are already done awaiting printing out.

Still using home made inserts :)

The bigger rings mean that the paper now goes right up to the pen loop so you couldn't use side tabs as they would crush but I never use them anyway so it didn't matter.  I only use the filofax acetate ones to mark the end of the calendar and the start of my notes (you can see them in the above pic).  If I really need to mark anything else I would pop a top tab on.

Look at all the space still left!

I put a slimmer pen in there but I will have to go back to my other slim Parker as it keeps falling out now that I've stretched my pen loop out a bit.  Lol I must be one of the few that have ever said that the pen loop on this PM Agenda is too big!!

I can now afford to put so many extra pages in that I really missed having when I had to downsize to this, so now I am looking at putting some more in:
  • Monthly spread
  • To do/buy
  • A few healthy recipes with ingredients
  • Notes

I'm sure that I will even be able to fit in some of my favourite photographs including one of my nutty dog...

I am setting up my A5 at the moment and that is going to house my exercise routine, measurement trackers, healthy recipes and all good stuff pertaining to the weight loss/health regime that I am currently researching so I am ready to take 2019 by storm!  I'm not waiting until the New Year to start, I want to see the New Year in looking and feeling a LOT better than I do now!!

Lots of love


  1. Came over fro Philofaxy, very very brave & well done.


  2. OMG! This is amazing! I have only ever seen videos on people putting in the 16mm rings from Gillio but I ALWAYS wondered if 20mm would work... You've proven they do I guess! I just got a PM last year for my wedding anniversary gift, and I really want to use it to the fullest! Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you for your comment Miss Nutmeg, glad to see this has helped after so long! I might start bloggging again if it’s helped someone!

      Just as an update I am still using it daily and I have had no trouble with the new rings at all!

      Thanks again and good luck!

    2. Wow, that's so amazing you're still using it daily! I want to be able to do the same and have 1 easy planner I use for a long time! Just to double check, you put in the 20mm and not the 16mm? They have both sizes available!

  3. Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn't see any notification of your post!

    Just in case you still needed to know, I have just checked my order - they are 16mm rings that I have put in. Yes I am still using it daily, they are holding up well :)

    I don't think bigger rings would fit as the strap would not be long enough to close.