Sunday, 18 December 2016

VDS A5 Manager as a Journal

After having a muddled few days I decided to get started on my journal in my A5 VDS Manager and as I started pulling it all together it made me wonder why I was actually's not like it is dated or anything as I had already decided to just write as and when I felt I needed to offload.

Anyway, I realised that I didn't have notepaper inserts and after rummaging around in my stash of stuff I came across a Kraft A5 Notebook that I got from Sainsbury's for £1.50. Imagine my delight that (a) it was cream in colour, (b) it already had rounded off corners and (c) it is fountain pen ink friendly!!! Why did I not know this earlier???

Oh and just the icing on the cake (d) it has easy tear off pages....!! Woohoo!!

I put a handful in my planner which made the notepad itself quite thin - and ideal for putting in my handbag so that if I need to urgently empty my head (which is more frequent than it should be!) I have my journal pages already with me!!  I have made little templates of where the holes will be punched so I don't get carried away and write in the wrong place, I am very pleased with the outcome and I feel quite positive that this is going to work very well for me.

Indeed it has been a week or so now since I stumbled on this and I am finding that I am writing on the go, penning out thoughts, ideas and musings and even a bit of doodling along the way...once I get home I am hole-punching the pages and popping them in.  The only thing I really need to make sure I do is date the pages!  I have bought a couple more of the notebooks in readiness for them being used.
Another good thing about using A5 is that I can easily shrink down articles or information and put that in too.  With a simple page tab I can easily see where this is or if I end up putting too much of that type of thing in there I will consider a separate section.  The Manager has got HUGE rings so this is never going to be a problem.

Result I think!!