Thursday, 24 November 2016

2017 Agenda and Journal Planning

With 2017 fast approaching I have found myself thinking about my planners and how I want to use them going forward.

I reached the elusive planner peace with my Louis Vuitton PM Agenda that I got in February and I have not touched another one since, this made it very easy to choose the inserts and I know from trial and error that I prefer the week on two pages.  I was intending on buying the official Louis Vuitton inserts but the 2017 ones that have been brought out, I hate them.  I cannot bring myself to include pages with a silver edge in my agenda that has gold detailing, absolutely not!! Whatever were they thinking???

Image result for paperchase week on two pages pocketI picked up a complete set of Paperchase's own floral inserts (A5 pictured) and I have rounded off all the corners and started inserting the information required, birthday's, appointments, etc.  This is now sat, all prepared, in its wrapping to be put into my agenda.  The great thing is that the whole set including the tabbed dividers fits lovely on the tiny rings.  

I do all my planning in my PM as it is with me all the time and to be fair my life isn't that busy or complicated!  It is used really just for appointments and reminders.

My thoughts are really about my A5 planners.  I have two that I really want to use more.  An A5 Fluoro Pink Original that seems to live on my desk and an A5 Van Der Spek Manager Touch Me  in Brown.  I adore the simpleness of the Original and the smell and floppiness of the VDS.  

I have decided to use the VDS as a diary/journal.  I really would like some nice paper that I could use fountain ink on as I seem to have acquired a LOT of fountain/dip pens and a LOT of different inks, although this is working out harder than expected!  I think I'd like plain paper to use with a guide page underneath so that I can doodle or add quotes, etc.  I have already decided that I need the page to be on both sides though so I can add additional pages if I have a lot to say!  Maybe I could just write the date on as I go rather than a specific page per day.  It would be nice to be able to stick things in, photographs or ticket stubs, etc. and become a bit of a scrapbook type affair.  The rings are huge on the VDS so this would make a really good journal as it can hold so much.  

All I would need to decide is how to store the pages once they need to be removed...maybe something like this where I could decorate the outer with the year?  Or decoupage it with photographs of the year?  (I love that idea!)  The box itself could also contain mementos that weren't possible to stick in (like the heart shaped pebble from the beach) with some luggage tags attached giving the details...ooh I'm getting carried away with ideas here!!  How lovely that would be to open up in years to come!!

Image result for paperchase kraft box

So what can I use the Original for?  

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